Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lucky Number?

Lucky Number is a daily lottery draw that allows subscribers to enter their number to sequentially match a randomly selected MTN number from the pool of the total (MTN) active subscriber base. (50 million subscribers). Instant win which will be in phase 2 of this project is an addition to the Lucky Number service that will allow MTN customers to instantly win by matching three amounts.

Who can participate in Lucky Number or the daily draw?

All active MTN subscribers with the exception of Postpaid Customers and MTN Staff /Family members are not Eligible.

How can I participate/ subscribe/ register?

By sending the keyword LN LN,NL Lucky, ok, yes, play, sub, subscribe, win, number, In, opting, opt in luck, lucky, luckt, luccy ) to the short code “4445”.

How do I know that I was successfully registered? Subscribed? Entered?

You will receive SMS reply confirming your registration to the service and your entry to the day’s draw, but please note that only if you were successfully charged N50 you will be entered into the daily draw.

I want to register today but I don’t have airtime, is that possible?

You can register to the service even if you don’t have airtime, but you will be asked to top up to enter the day’s draw.

What time of the day must i subscribe/ register/ send the opt-in message?

Subscription for the day’s draw is open till 23:59 (if you were successfully charged), every subscription from 00:00 onward will be entered in the next day’s draw.

How often will I be charged is it a monthly/daily/one off subscription?

It’s a daily charge, opted-in subscribers will be charged ONCE daily to enter the daily draw and this will be done every day.

How can I stop this service/ opt- out/ unsubscribe?

To opt out of the service, you should send the keyword Stop LN to 4445, you will then receive a SMS confirmation that you have been removed from the service.

How do I know what was the winning number?

An SMS announcing the last 5 digits of the drawn number will be sent to all participating subscribers.

How will I know that I have won?

All winners will receive SMS informing them that they have won and what the prize amount is- If you won cash prize we will also call you to get your banking details.

When do I receive my prize?

You will receive your Airtime prize instantly after the announcement of the winning number- you will receive your cash prize after we call you and do the necessary verifications and get your banking details.

What happens if I subscribed to the service then I didn’t top up my airtime for a long time?

You will be automatically opted out after 30 days.