Big Brother Nigeria TC

Terms and Conditions

1. General

  • Directors, members, partners, employees or agents of or consultants to YellowDot and/or MTN or their sponsorship agency, their respective spouses, life partners, parents, children, brothers, sisters, business partners and associates, and any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by YellowDot and/or MTN, or any supplier of goods or services related to the competition, are not eligible to enter the promotion and cannot win prizes.
  • By entering the competition, all participants agree that any participation in the  promotion is subject to these terms and conditions, which will be interpreted by YellowDot and MTN in their sole discretion, and that their decision regarding any dispute will be final and binding. All information relating to this promotion published on any promotional or advertising material in any media at any time before or during the promotion period will form part of the terms and conditions of entry.
  • In the case of a minor winning, the prize will be awarded to the minor’s legal guardian.
  • The following customers will not be eligible to enter for the draw: Postpaid customers (ii) YellowDot and MTN Staff Members (iii) Community pay phone Numbers
  • Cash prizes winners will be contacted to inform them of the prize that they have won.
  • All cash prizes winners will be contacted after the cutoff time on the day of the draw.
  • All cash winners will be paid within 24 hours  if all conditions have been met.
    In the event that YellowDot or MTN establishes that a winner has fraudulently won a prize, then YellowDot and/or MTN shall not pay the prize money to such winner. Should YellowDot and/or MTN, after having paid the prize money to the winner, establish that the winner has fraudulently won the prize, YellowDot and/or MTN shall take all necessary steps to recover the amounts paid to such winner, including instituting legal proceedings.
  • Subscribers will not be eligible for a refund unless it can be proven to YellowDot and/or MTN satisfaction that they have been overcharged or they were not removed from the subscription service after sending Stop to 205.
  • Prizes are subject to change at the discretion of YellowDot and /or MTN, or its respective service provider.

General Rules

  • Subscribers join any of the games by sending an SMS keyword to a shortcode, dialling a USSD string, dialing an IVR code or visiting a URL on social media channels.
  • Subscribers may have to answer a set of questions, score some points or make a prediction, to qualify for the promo draw.
  • Winners will be selected into a pool where the draws will be conducted based on answers, prediction, and points .
  • Subscribers can play or vote more than once


A. Trivia Prices:

  • 10 people stand the chance of winning N10, 000 each daily each
  • 7 people stand the chance of winning N5, 000 daily each

B. The Weekly Head Of The House Prizes:

  • 2 people stand the chance of winning N100,000 weekly each
  • 3 people stand the chance of winning N10,000 weekly each

C. Arena Games Prizes:

  • 2 people will win N100,000 every week.
  • 3 people will win N10,000 every week.

D. Grand Prize:BB Naija 2020 Make a difference Winner

  • 2 people will win N500,000 at the end of the event
  • 2 people will win N100,00 at the end of the event
  • 5 people to win N50,000 at the end of the event
  • 1 person to win N25,000 at the end of the event

How to enter

  • Subscription is open up to 5:59 of the same day all entries after this time  will be included in the next day’s draw.
  • If YellowDot and MTN are unable to process a bill on the subscriber’s accounts due to insufficient funds or technical errors, the subscriber will have no claim against YellowDot or MTN for any potential winnings as the subscriber will not be entered that day’s draw.
  • For one to unsubscribe, the defined key word to opt-out of the subscription service is Stop  and send to 205 . Entries need to be received by YellowDot/ MTN before the draw closes at 5.59 pm daily to qualify for that day’s draw. All entries received after 5.59pm  will be automatically entered into the following day’s draw. YellowDot and MTN accepts no liability for delays in receipt of an entry.
  • Subscribers need to SMS from their own SIM in order to enter the competition.
  • Subscribers can play multiple  times one entry per SIM/ cell phone number is allowed per day. If subscribers SMSse more than once they will not be charged for every subsequent SMS. Entry costs Naira  N20 for daily Trivia, N100 for weekly Trivia and N50 for predict and win.